Friday, August 30, 2013

Homemade Playdough

With a baby in tow and undeterred confidence that is so indicative of a new mom ready to rear a child, I plunged into the unknown world of motherly act. I did lay hands on possibly all the books that caught my attention on child rearing in the hopes of attaining some  parental enlightenment. I could see at least a recipe for playdough in most of the books that claims to leave moms with a bounty of time as the teeny weeny hands go about mixing and rolling the dough to a disastrous mass. Desire of mine to get a chunk of undisturbed time made me run to the grocery for food coloring to create Abbey’s first homemade playdough. It sure worked and left me with some undisturbed time all to myself as Abbey was busy muddling with the first batch of dough.  As I was busy in the kitchen stewing my meat, reached my hands for the spice box, only to know that spices were missing from the smaller compartments of the box. Rushed to my living room to see a dictionary of spices all stuck to the dough. See the picture downward when she is caught in the act.

So without any doubt, I worked as a spice sorter for 2 days to straighten the mess.

Abbey's snowman with lots of teeth

And caught in the act ....... as the beer glass turned to a spice glass

Maddur Vadas to pep up my tidying work

All purpose flour - 1 cup
Salt - 1 cup
Food coloring of your choice

Mix flour and salt with hands. Now add food coloring and water as needed. Make a smooth dough. Playdough is ready.


  1. Ohff play dough is such a messy stuff! but when kids like to play we need to close our eyes for some time :)

  2. Homemade play dough are best and definitely prefect for kids.

  3. She looks so very cute :) Love the play dough and the vadas :)



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