Sunday, November 18, 2012

Chronicles of a Mom - My little stargazer

My Dear Gail,

You are 2 and love gazing at the stars. After some time, you may wish to reach for the same, and then you may hold one in your hand. 

On your 2nd B'day, Mommie can see only the naughty workshop girl who is ever ready to explore and who takes immense pleasure in simple things life has to offer. Let it be the same. 

Your thick pals for now are Dora and Diego and I can see your growing interest for Micky Mouse (called by you as Mickey Sous). You have started being artistic and the result is a scribbled wall. Yet, I love the beauty of it all. You are promoted from a toddler tag to a child tag. Now you have a seat of your own while flying. Isn't it amazing? 



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  2. Happy Birthday to Abigail. GOD bless you and your parents.

  3. lovely post happy birthday to your little one

  4. Happy b'day to the lil angel Abigail. Beautiful post
    by mom to the world best and beautiful gorwing up daughter.

    loads of hugs and love. God bless her!!

    Cake looks delcious.


  5. Touching...Birthday wishes to Abigail. God bless! Beautiful cake!



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