Friday, October 12, 2012

Rice-whole green moong dal porridge/Cherupayar congee

It is a distant dream for me to grow vegetables  and eat organic. I know it will take a while, but I am being patient for the day to arrive. For now, you all chill out with my breakfast congee. I know most of you had a late night tiptoe weekends. Try this congee to ward off your hangovers. This cherupayar congee works equally well for busy worrywarts and satviks (minus the shallots) as it takes only minutes to prepare and is a pure bliss.   

Raw rice - 1 cup
Whole green moong dal/cherupayar - 3/4 cup
Pure ghee
Shallots - 2
Coconut milk

Cook raw rice and whole green moong dal in a pressure cooker until 3 whistles or till done.

Serve with thin coconut milk.

Optional: Heat ghee in a pan, add chopped shallots and fry. Pour it over the cooked rice and green moong dal congee.


  1. I make this too.. very healthy porridge

  2. moong daal porridge looking so delicious i will also try this recipe thanks for sharing

  3. Absolutely delicious basmati rice,classic recipe..looks divine.



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