Friday, July 27, 2012

Chronicles of a Mom - July 27, 2012

A letter to my Dearest God,

My little Abbey can say at this time of the year

Sun - "Shun"

Moon - "Moo"

Cabbage - "Kaa-baj"

Mango - "Man oo"

Peas - "Peece"

Grapes - "Gapes"

Tea - "chaya"

Coffee - "kappi"

Can dance and sing to some of the tunes in ejunior, can put together the building blocks.

Sad thing is - She cannot forget Chutki from Chhota Bheem, which she used to watch while we were in India. For her all big eyed girls from cartoons are Chutki.

For her Daddy has become Immi (She says Immi for Mommy), although she makes a constant effort of calling him Daddu. Appappa has become Chabbaba, ammamma has become Chammamma.

I wonder if she is a tea drinker. She makes it a point to sip and enjoy cold tea or coffee leftovers.

I feel so proud and happy that I reached this stage of motherhood along with her learning, teaching, and growing with her.

Thank you so very much God for the time given to discover my baby, time to be with her. You stand so true to the saying "God provides." I never thought life will be so very beautiful. God provides all our needs. God, once I wished for more time in my life and you are giving it abundantly when I need it the most. There were times in the past when I wondered even if I will get some time to say my own, to be with whom I love. It was all a mad rush for work and more work. When you handed me what I wished for, I am having plenty of time to call my own.

Thanks for who you are and Love you even more.


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