Sunday, July 27, 2014

Qamar El Din/Apricot leather juice

Let’s talk Qamar El Din for it’s the in thing to talk and drink this season when it is sold in heaps and mounds in UAE. There were more reasons for me to try this at home. Firstly, the name Kamar-uddin, thickly resembled like a long forgotten uncle’s name from a Muslim community where I spent my thin slice of childhood sharing, caring and wondering about their traditions and how religious they actually are. Memories of breaking fast together and eating with all my might seeing my buddies struggle to eat after a long day of fast. Memories of hills and fields, of lotuses and water lilies, and thick clay which we muddled to shape it to the finest shape possible.  

Secondly, a glass of Qamar El Din is truly a sight to behold. It is reminiscent of glass jars which carry candles that brighten your living room, making it look instantly feng shui-ed. It was indeed beautiful with emerald pistachios.

Stop ... My sense of taste was not in harmony with the sight and when I gulped, the reality bit. Sadly I am not an apricot enthusiast anymore. Now this time my family was with me drinking and Mummy said I should have considered snacking on them instead of pureeing it. Oh! this is an acquired taste.


Apricot leather - 300 g 

Water - 4 glasses 

Sugar as required


Rosewater - 2 tsp

Nuts to garnish 


Using scissors, snip apricot leather into pieces. Place apricot leather and water in a pan. Bring them to boil stirring them in between. Switch off the stove and leave it to cool. Stir in between to break any lumps. Pass through a sieve. Mix in rosewater. Serve with ice and nuts. 


  1. Looks delicious but you are right these are acquired taste. I liked dried apricot. I have seen apricot in middle eastern stores.

  2. Looks real yum and colorful :)

  3. lovely way to use up apricot leather..apricot leather looks similar to aam pappad that we find in north india :)

  4. This is one thing we forgot to make this Ramadan!!! The pictures look awesome...

  5. Such a beautiful drink, looks absolutely fabulous..



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