Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mango Shrikhand

Do all parents act deaf and dumb or is it a stigma attached to parenthood. We say white lies despite the fact that we don’t want our family to grow up on lies. Lately, we are doing all this and more and if you are on the same boat like us …… then …… Welcome to the lively yet disheartening world of parenthood. You are here to stay sometime floating in the magical world of parenthood, before you know that your children took away the bandwagon from you …..So what …. you have the perks glued to it ……. you grow along with them for sure. It is a 24 x 7 job you are never tired of, yet you are lost.

So what with the dumbo, duffer, and liar in us? Read on.

What I fear happened? No more concerns.

Abbey now falls proudly into the category of icecream girls.

A while ago, I wrote about her love for Kanji. Around the same time, she was taking baby steps towards icecreams. Let me correct you, now she is into full fledged licking and enjoying her World Class Choco flavour. Can’t blame her for every street is dotted with at least one BRs, if not 2.

Our friends forewarned us about the Uncle around the corner in whites who took away their children’s appetite for homemade food. It is hard to avoid him at least with our eyes even when vehicles are moving at a lightening speed for you know red and white is a highly addictive combination. The uncle is none other than our own Uncle KFC.

Now my Abbey is a little different, BR with blue and pink shops is what she embraces. In a flash, if she could see BRs, she shouts "Mamma ice-cheam." 

It all started earlier on. When Abbey asks for ice cream, I used to entice her with Amul Shrikhand kept in the freezer which hubby relishes with some bread, and now strictly the territory is leased by Abbey. I was very happy and comfortable on that white lie. I used to think how could she possibly say yes to the taste of shrikhand when her BR chocolate flavor is widely different. I was happy thinking I learned the tricks of the trade - mommyhood, when my baby corrected me by pointing the BR shops afar.

I guess she gave me a hint - I know what I am doing, still I am eating the good old stuff that you are used to. So now superscript being laid, I decided why not some homemade Shrikhand …… and oh lately I am mostly thinking about HOMEMADE  ……. I guess HOMEMADE is synonymous to motherhood for I know I am completely hooked to this world.  

Wishing you all a late Happy Mother’s Day.

Full fat yoghurt - 1 kg
Mango puree - a little over 1 cup, (no water added)
Cardamom powder - 4 Nos. crushed, yield should be 1 tsp

  • 1 kg of yogurt yields about 2 cups of hung curd. 
  • I used 3 medium mangoes for making thick puree
  • Add cardamom powder little by little, for you only know your child's tolerance levels to it.
  • You can even use 2 cups of Greek yogurt to quicken the process of making Shrikhand.


In a cheesecloth, hang the yogurt overnight to remove the whey. Now you get hung curd.

Blend the mangoes without water to get a thick puree.  Crush the cardamom pods.

Mix thoroughly hung curd, mango puree, cardamom powder, and sugar as desired. Serve chilled.

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  1. yummy shrikhand..loved those cute serving mugs....

  2. awesome clicks and lovely writeup:)

  3. who can resist ice chream, love those pots, i can not find it here. srikhand is awesome.

  4. Wow! Such a wonderful write-up! Looks delicious with tempting clicks! :)

  5. WOOOOO...!!! Love the click..!!

  6. Wow Lovely clicks reminded me of shrikhand i made last year and enjoyed throughly :)

  7. Delicious shrikhand, luvly presentation.

    EVENT -Mango Delights

  8. haha... i can really understand... my elder one used to just leave our hands and run towards the BR when she was small so now we have made it a point that we do not allow the younger one to follow suit! The shrikand looks really luscious, love those matkas...

  9. nice clicks sabeena.. like the matki..

  10. Hi dear, thnx for linking to my event, looking frwd fr more Mangolicious recipes.
    Have a luvly weekend ♥

  11. Great recipe.. Delicious and yum.. I'm a new blogger... Do visit my blog..

  12. I love mango srikhand, easy and delicious. Mnnn!!!! Love the matki, the clicks are beautiful.

  13. Sabee ,the shrikhand looks perfect and creamy.Our children may read this one day and have a hearty laugh:)

  14. Scrumptious. What's not to love about mango?



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