Thursday, November 1, 2012

Rock melon cocktail - Toast to a rocker boy

Some relationships get stronger as you grow older. Our relationship with the rocker boy started almost 16 years ago and still going strong. As a boy, he was one helluva entertainer, always ready to entertain us with his dance moves along with best of his buddy and brother, Ginu. He has been more of a brother to me who came with his helpful hands when I needed one. Now the boy has turned into a fine young man and climbed his professional ladder, but to us he is still our rocker boy.  He got married today. There is no better occasion to raise a toast than this to the couple.

To Gijo and Shamily

May a flock of blessings light upon you both.

Rock melon - 1/2 of one
Banana - 1
Milk - 1 cup
Ice cubes

Blend all the ingredients together. Pour this into glasses and serve along with fruit skewers. 


  1. Iam so happy to hear this story, Still i remember the day when i met you @ your Kalamassery House,
    We three had some play time (Hide and seek & Police and Thief etc).
    That day you missed your tuition.



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