Friday, September 28, 2012

Foot-long and slices of fruit for lazy Fridays

What a good way to start a lazy Friday than a footlong. Mom is visiting us tomorrow. She will be carrying a lot of goodies for us. Was cleaning up refrigerator to make room for the arrival of all eatables. Doesn't that sound good? Of course for me! I will be relieved partially from all Mommie duties. Mommie, can't wait to eat and cook with you!!!

The word brunch doesn't exist for us anymore since arrival of Abbey. Before Thursdays used to be our movie nights and Fridays were reserved for more sleep.

My hubs is passionate about fishing. The fisherman in him had a sleepless night yesterday dreaming about the huge catch to follow. So man of the house is all set to catch the fish. He shook the dust off the fishing rods last week and presented us with a catch. Fresh fish is always yum!

One of the highlights of winter are the fishing trips with him. He is always lucky to get a huge catch. Once we got a sting ray. We had no idea how to clean it, but youtube came to our rescue. We cooked thirandi varutharachathu after much calls to India. Those days were the humble beginnings of our life here, which I cherish the most. Looking forward to more sting rays this winter!!! 

French bread slit into 2
Tomatoes - 3 slices
Onions - 3 thin slices
Cheese slice- 1, cut into half
Black Olives - 3 nos, cut into 2
Pepper Mayonnaise - A good squeeze
Tomato ketchup - a small dollop

Slit the bread horizontally, so that it is not fully sliced. Layer the bread with a cheese slice. Second layer with tomato slices. Third layer with onions followed by olives. Give a good squeeze of pepper mayonnaise and little ketchup (if you like) on the other side of the bread. Fold the bread and devour.

Enjoy with some fruit slices and raisins. 



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