Saturday, July 7, 2012

Date power shots

Hey dearies!

It is indoor time. We are beneath the scorching sun here in Abu Dhabi. Temperature being a roaring 39 degrees Celsius. I was in sun today, came back with a hair fried, eyes burnt,  .........well dehydrated, almost dizzy me. My baby slept nonstop throughout the day .... what a senseless act towards her. 

Summer is so rude to us, but we are blessed with nature's bounty in the form of ripe dates, lemons, mint ........ to quench our thirsts. It is surprising to see how mother nature has answer to all the harshness.

Stacks of sweetness

If you can get your hands on ripe dates  (not the dried ones), which is easily available in UAE markets at this time of the year, proceed ........ . A dear friend presented us with this stunner - ripe dates and my husband made DATE POWER SHOTS out of it. 

Powerhouse of natural sugars

 My husband prepared Date Milk , I named it - DATE POWER SHOTS as it was a quick boost-me-up. With energy garnered I am sharing the recipe.


Ripe dates - 5-6

Low fat chilled milk - 1 glass


Blend the above ingredients together. Frothy date milk brimming with natural sugars and fat is ready. I love to enjoy the drink plain without any nuts as I feel it can kill the taste of the milk. 

Note: Best served in shot glasses for your lovely guests and in tall glasses for the hypoglycemics.  


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  2. Had a peek into yours as well. Lovely collection of recipes.



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